Optionally with modification of mechanical, chemical, thermal, electrical, optical, biological and other material properties.

New material class with great potential


Open-pored aluminum casting with unprecedented properties

New class of materials for mechanical, acoustic, thermal, structural and decorative application.




Unique Material

Modified material properties optional

There is a variety of different methods for producing open-pored aluminum structures.

Open-pored aluminum castings differ from all conventional technologies and offer functional, qualitative and economic advantages in comparison.

The material is available in industrial quantities, either as new, partly porous or in composition.

More than 400 clients in 12 countries already use open-pored aluminum structures in different fields of application.

Taking advantage of the modern METAKER® Surface process, the surface of light metals can be modified, micro constructed and activated which in turn will result in new gradient materials with new mechanical, chemical, electric, thermal, optical, haptic, biological and other material properties.

A simple and efficient series of processes and many adjustable material properties offset creative engineers in a new paradigm, opening up previously unthinkable potential for innovation as well as completely new, sometimes unexpected fields of application.

The world’s first serial application of modified, open-pored aluminum casting was implemented in 2016 in the field of exhaust gas treatment. Many more applications will follow.

Material properties

Surface properties

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  • Open-pored, stable casting structure
  • Volume porosity 55% - 70%
  • Density around 1,3 g/cm3
  • Shaping with CNC precision
  • Streamlined pore topology
  • As a filter, very good dirt absorption
  • Very large specific surface
  • Very well suited to replace ceramics, sintered metals, etc.
  • And much more
  • Multifunctional gradient material
  • Softer or harder than steel
  • Dielectric or electrically conductive
  • Thermally conductive or heat-insulating
  • Enormous specific surface
  • Very well wettable and impregnable
  • Micro constructed surface
  • Activated surface
  • Catalytic surface
  • Increased corrosion resistance
  • And much more.

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